Discounts are only issued for damaged or questionable merchandise that
is not already marked “as is”. Discounts can be issued up to 50%.

All Sales are final

One day hold. Are valid until the closing of the following business day.

Extending Holds
If a customer wishes to extend a hold for an additional day the hold tag must indicate so,
a customer phone number is required.

Leaving Paid Merchandise
Must have paid receipt and pick up day attached. Place store paid items in the back room until the pick up day. Paid merchandise will be returned to the floor if it isn’t picked up in 5 working days. DBFL is not liable for left behind personal items.

Storewide Sales
Additional discounts are not issued during sales.
Holds are not accepted during a sale.

DBFL does not trade nor consign merchandise.

Electronic or Battery Operated Merchandise
This is the only merchandise returnable for cash refund if not working. 


Employees Only.

Dogs/Cell Phones
Dogs are allowed but must be on a leash. Customers having cell phone conversations loud enough to disrupt other customers should be discreetly asked to step outside.

Panhandlers/ Solicitors
Are not permitted.